Wintersong'sLegacyO'Tango AKC/ASCA DNA certified. 
Beautiful blue merle, 69 pounds, full scizzors bite,correct movement. 
Hip X-ray excellent. 
Now 4 years old, He is a pup out of our beloved Criquette and Tango specifically kept for future litters because of his intelligence, conformation.
He also has outstanding disposition and willingness to obey. 
He is now one of our main Sires  for producing incredible pups .
Beautiful and outstanding red merle maleAKC/ASCA registered and DNA certified with all criteria met for  approved breeding. Now just 3 years old and starting on his career. 
One of the most elegant Aussies I have had the priviledge to have with me. 
Personality plus, socialized, natural heeler. His incredible heritage is now being passed on in his puppies. 
Jacque Steinbicker    505-864-3971
This beautiful black tri young male added to our breeding program for future litters.His lineage is show and working lines with  champion and Hall of Fame  ancestors. He is extremely loyal, devoted,and obedient
and has an uncanny natural ability to work with incredible focus and understanding. He is AKC/ASCA registered with DNA certification for accuracy of his wonderful pedigree. 
Desert Rose Australian Shepherds
Desert Rose Australian Shepherds
My DreamcatcherLegendO'Stars and he was truly a "legend" and a "once in a lifetime"...Brilliant RedTri.
Although his time here on Earth was cut way too short his wonderful character is being re-produced in his past litters. 
He has an awesome personality and he had an amazing work abilitity as well as  herding ability 
This trait will be carried on in his puppies.  
Finale' Rain
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